Amateur Radio Satellite Pass Matcher by K5EM
 e.g. AO-07
Grid1:  (more western grid)
Grid2:  (more eastern grid)


SatMatch is a satellite prediction tool used to find times when a satellite is visible from two locations. It is geared toward Amateur Radio operators that want to determine what times are best to communicate between two specified locations using an amateur radio satellite. More information about amateur radio satellites can be found on the Amsat page.


Enter one or more amateur radio satellites (separated by commas) in the Satellite box, and enter a value in at least the Grid1 box to find passes of those satellites over that grid. The location can either be a maidenhead grid squre (up to 8 digits) or a decimal degrees lat,lon pair. Optionally, enter a second location in the Grid2 box to find satellite passes that cover both areas.

Documenation and API

There is some extended documentation available here to aid in creating your own links or accessing the underlying data directly.